hi, I am

alexander rossa.

I design and build software.

I’m a software developer with experience of working on big projects, delivering against tight deadlines and ensuring continuous operation of critical components.

I worked on all parts of the stack, from the very depths of a bare-metal hypervisor, through the complex backend of a cloud server, all the way up to the front-end and UI components.

about me

Trading the high peaks of Slovak mountains for the coastlines of the British Isles, I spent the past few years of my life in the UK, studying and working in IT.

I have dabbled with AI and machine learning, both on my own and during my internships. Professionally, I have worked on virtualisation platform at Zynstra, building complex services and leading a team of developers.

In my free time I can most often be found playing Dota 2, trying to compensate my sedentary lifestyle with trips to nature or reading whatever book catches my attention.


  • used it for everything from small helper scripts to writing big pieces of software
  • mastered object oriented programming in Python, making use of inheritance, polymorphism, redefining magic methods and more
  • good knowledge of essential things like spawning subprocesses, multithreading, sockets..
  • written numerous bots to integrate with tools such as GitLab and improve company processes using their REST APIs
  • wrote hundreds of unit tests for complex pieces of software requiring advanced mocking and assertions
  • familiar with using Python for AI / machine learning – especially with Keras & TensorFlow
  • experience with using JavaScript for both back-end and front-end
  • written Node.js based apps such as an AI-powered Twitter bot during my Google Summer of Code internship
  • worked on full stack projects combining React front end and Node.js backend (with Express
  • created npm package ‘seedtext’ for procedural content generation
  • created numerous WordPress websites and e-shops in my free time, such as the one for Diera do Sveta – a non-profit cultural centre
  • familiar with using Docker as part of the build process for ad-hoc builds of Debian packages
  • experience with Kubernetes and containerization as a virtualisation alternative
  • worked with Linux systems for most of my professional career, mostly Debian-based distributions
  • proficient building, running and maintaining Ubuntu-based servers with Xen as their hypervisor
  • knowledge of systemd, working with iptables, managing processes, analysing networks and interfaces..


  • managing a team of several developers for 2+ years
  • filling the scrum master role for the team, overseeing sprints and taking care of the backlog
  • experience with hiring and induction processes
  • guiding the team members on the road of continuous development – goal setting, training, knowledge transfers..
  • experience with designing and integrating new features into existing products
  • liaising with stakeholders and working with other departments on detailed specifications
  • providing architectural oversight to other developers
  • improving processes in the company – such as removing knowledge silos by proposing and overseeing the adoption of tools like Stack Overflow for Teams
  • wrote code for all parts of the stack – hypervisor source code, systemd services, object-oriented Python daemons, automated testing workflows, API-powered bots..
  • experience with complicated build and deployment pipelines involing Docker and tools like Jenkins for CI
  • refactored numerous existing services to increase performance, help with future extensibility or to allow them to scale

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